Our history.

Industrias FREG is a manufacturing company 100% Mexican, focused on the manufacture of upholstered furniture with own and innovative designs with the highest quality in the market. FREG has been distinguished over the years in the elaboration of rooms, sofas, armchairs, bergers, bedrooms, rooms, etc.

For more than 45 years in the city of Guadalajara, for the Fregoso Linares family. Made with the finest materials and skilled labor that have earned us a prestige within the furniture industry.

Design, comfort & quality.

For the design and quality of its products FREG had access to the national market and especially to the hotel industry, becoming in the 90’s the main manufacturer of furniture in the country and also initiates exports to hotel chains in the Caribbean, United States and Bahrain in the United Arab Emirates. At the start of the 21st century, it extends its production line to solid wood furniture. The prestige acquired over the years places it as a pioneer company and leader in the design and manufacture of furniture for the home, hotels, restaurants etc.. Currently, the service offered to its clients includes the planning and furnishing of integral projects, as well as the distribution of its products in exclusive décor and department stores.

Human factor.

At FREG we have the best team of working people who, with their effort and dedication, elaborate the most recognized pieces of furniture in Mexico, for the quality and innovation that characterizes us.

“ Honesty, teamwork, dedication… are just a few of the values of our people”

“Because of its design, comfort and quality, our products are now proud of many homes both in Mexico and abroad.”



“Creating and manufacturing the best furniture and accessories, to satisfy all the people who value and enjoy their spaces”



“To consolidate ourselves as the leading company in the design, production and sale of luxury furniture, in Mexico and abroad, committed to the social and economic development of our environment.”




An inclusive company.

Industrias Freg we consolidated as a socially inclusive company. As a result, the Federal Government granted us the Distinctive Inclusive Company ”

“ Gilberto Rincón Gallardo”

At FREG we put our grain of sand to create more job opportunities for people who have some kind of disability.

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