Purchase Policies.


  • Quotation that cancels previous prices.
  • Quotation with maximum validity of 20 days subject to confirmation after this term. • Price quotation L.A.B. In plant of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.



This quotation is transformed into purchase order when:


  1. A) The acceptance of the specifications of the products to be manufactured is signed by both parties.


  1. B) It is authorized in our credit department and / or the corresponding advance is fulfilled.





  • The merchandise travels at the buyer’s risk and in the transport authorized by the customer. In case of not receiving the notification by the customer, it agrees that Industrias Freg, select the corresponding transport.


  • Unless notified by the buyer, the merchandise will travel with insurance offered by the transport line. • Receipt of merchandise is not allowed to be returned.




  • All orders require advance with amount according to the requested merchandise. Bank transfers and / or checks must be in the name of Industrias Freg, S.A. From C.V.


  • Invoicing will only take place during the current month in which the order was lifted.


  • The terms of manufacture offered count on the advance and the materials, if these are provided by the customer are in our power.


  • Any change requested after the acceptance of the quote as a purchase order, generates a cost to be determined according to the change.


  • Full payment of the order is required to proceed with your shipment.


  • In the cases accepted for payment of term, this is effective from the notice of termination of your order. • An interest of 3.5% per month will be charged for the balance due in case of not receiving the settlement of the order as of the 10 days notice of termination of your order.


  • Once we have received the full payment of your order, we will not be able to keep at our plant any material for a period of more than 10 days, from which we will charge the value of $ 250.00 pesos per square meter of merchandise not shipped by concept Of storage.


  • In the event of a cancellation, a charge of 25% of the total order or product will be charged. GUARANTEE


  • The merchandise is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for the period of 180 days from the date of receipt.


  • The warranty covers the repair of labor and materials without cost of the defect detected in the merchandise.


  • The warranty does not cover freight costs and / or transportation of merchandise or personnel outside our plant.


  • The guarantee does not apply in cases of abuse due to improper use of the merchandise.

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